Zexiong HUANG

Chief Executive Officer and Director

Mr. Zexiong Huang has over 10 years of experience in the financial industry as well as the financial services industry, specializing in SME financial services, financing and guarantee, consumer finance, real estate mortgage financing, microfinance, and other financial products. He has held various senior management positions in mainland China and Hong Kong, and has gained comprehensive industry experience in the areas of consulting, business development, financial operations, and management. Mr. Huang was an executive director and the Chief Executive Officer of JIMU GROUP LIMITED (8187.HK) from June 2020 to May 2022. He has been a consultant of Pintec’s digital SME business unit since 2021 and has been the executive Vice President of the group since he joined in 2022. Mr. Huang holds a bachelor's degree in economics from Yunnan University of Finance and Economics.

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